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Dad raps the plot of the first Harry Potter book to his son


Just laughed out loud at this video! You guys have to watch it.

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Anonymous said: What book are you most looking forward to reading next? Pleasure, not business.

I’m really looking forward to Jandy Nelson’s new book. I can’t WAIT to read it.

Anonymous said: In your experience, how long do agents hold on to full manuscripts they're interested in? I get the impression that if I'm still waiting a month or two later, they maybe aren't that interested...but I'm willing (and slightly hopeful) to hear that is an incorrect assumption.

You’re incorrect :). I sometimes have a ton of things to do for clients. That comes first. So I don’t even look at your MS. 

Anonymous said: If editors have requested a manuscript, but the writer hasn't acted on the requests yet- is there a good way to include that information when querying an agent? Does it matter?

You could just say So and So at This Publisher requested Book Title. I am querying to find an agent to send it in to said editor. 

Anonymous said: D4EO's policy is a no from one agent is a no from the agency. But what if I queried them before you came aboard? Can I still query you?

Not now that I’m at D4EO.

Anonymous said: In the midst of your majorly exciting transition, how far are you with partials and fulls? When can hopeful writers hope to nudge?

Between the agency move and everything else I am incredibly slammed. However, I’m about 3 days from digging myself out of that hole and I expect to have all the partials and fulls read by the end of September start of Ocotober!

Anonymous said: How are YOU doing with all the life changes recently?

I am doing fantastic! I love my new apartment. I have the best friends and I’m learning all kinds of things I always wanted to know. Like how to play Magic and D&D :D. I also do a fantastic white trash version of Shania Twain songs at karaoke which is new for me :D.

Me on the weekend









I’m just like:


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“I will never be a morning person, for the moon and I, are too much in love.”

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